Ramen Noodles, Chiune Sugihara, Japan Diplomat Who Saved 6,000 Jews During Holocaust, Remembered
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Ramen Noodles
I AM CURRENTLY NOT TAKING FANFIC PROMPTS! THANK YOU. Also, please don't send me asks about Alice or Elliot from PH. I honestly don't like either one and would prefer to not discuss their characters all that much. Thank you.

I realized this needed to be updated. So, I am a 24 year old cis-white-female, who is a hetroromantic asexual, and I currently work in Japan. I am teaching English to Japanese youth and am located in Toyama City, Toyama at the moment. I like a variety of things, and every once in a while fanfics and translations will pop up! I try to tag for spoilers as well as I can, but do be weary of them.


Most Americans know of Oskar Schindler, the German businessman who saved more than 1,200 lives during the Holocaust by hiring Jews to work in his factories and fought Nazi efforts to remove them.

But fewer know about Chiune Sugihara, the Japanese diplomat who disobeyed his government’s orders and issued visas that allowed 6,000 Jews to escape from Nazi-occupied territories via Japan.

On Sunday, as Holocaust survivors and descendants of survivors observe International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a growing and widespread community of Jews — linked by their gratitude toward Sugihara for saving them or family members — remembers a man once forgotten.

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