Ramen Noodles, Watching (though mostly just listening) to the newest J.K. Rowling interview on HP.
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Ramen Noodles
I AM CURRENTLY NOT TAKING FANFIC PROMPTS! THANK YOU. Also, please don't send me asks about Alice or Elliot from PH. I honestly don't like either one and would prefer to not discuss their characters all that much. Thank you.

I realized this needed to be updated. So, I am a 24 year old cis-white-female, who is a hetroromantic asexual, and I currently work in Japan. I am teaching English to Japanese youth and am located in Toyama City, Toyama at the moment. I like a variety of things, and every once in a while fanfics and translations will pop up! I try to tag for spoilers as well as I can, but do be weary of them.

My feelings are everywhere, and my love for the series and J.K. are being reawakened and strengthened. <3

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