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I AM CURRENTLY NOT TAKING FANFIC PROMPTS! THANK YOU. Also, please don't send me asks about Alice or Elliot from PH. I honestly don't like either one and would prefer to not discuss their characters all that much. Thank you.

I realized this needed to be updated. So, I am a 24 year old cis-white-female and I currently work in Japan. I am teaching English to Japanese youth and am currently located in Toyama. I like a variety of things, and every once in a while fanfics and translations will pop up! I try to tag for spoilers as well as I can, but do be weary of them.
So what are your thoughts on retrace 97?

I’m going to be writing up a Thoughts post in a bit. I always do one. They always tend to be rather long though, and I spent a long time translating today, so I’ve been relaxing for a few hours (I’m also putting together a VinceAda playlist that I’ll put up on 8tracks). I’ll try to have it up soon though.

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I see. Weird, then I´d rather keep the book we currently have since everything is explained in the learners language… Hopefully there is an adjusted version of the book for foreign learners. Anyway, sorry to have caused confusion ^^;

It is a bit weird, but it is a textbook that is meant to be used and taught by Japanese to foreigners (though, you have a teacher in the classroom with you, so it should be absolutely fine to use this textbook). Still, the textbook is really great because it teaches Japanese that is more common and more natural/native sounding than the Japanese often times found in Japanese textbooks that are often used outside of Japan. 

Ah, don’t worry about the confusion. You didn’t really know.



The sass is strong in Disney.

The truly magical moments of Disney.


Yeah, but this person seems to be looking for kanji books specifically. And books that focus on all aspects can’t get to more specific materials (like, a book that focuses solely on grammar goes far more in-depth which each grammar point than a general classroom text, the same goes for kanji books).

Also, besides Minna no Nihongo not being good for self-study, it also isn’t a good textbook to use if you don’t know Japanese all that well (and don’t have someone to walk you through the text). It is completely in Japanese, everything is in Japanese. So, I wouldn’t suggest it for this individual unless they already had a fairly good grasp of the language and had a classroom setting in which to use the text (since the textbook doesn’t explain grammar points. The textbook leaves explanations completely out and up to the teacher to teach.)

utopia9000 replied to your post: “Hey I’m learning kanji now (I am using anki a flash card programm) but I wondered are there any books you can recommend? I don’t have the chance to go to Japanese classes (there are no in my area), so I have to study it myself.”:
Sorry to butt in but I´m taking Japanese classes too and my teacher said last month that we´re soon going to use the book “Minna no Nihongo” because it´s better than the one we´re using currently, and I think ours is already amazing. So check it out?

Minna no Nihongo is an excellent book, but it focuses on grammar, not Kanji, and it is only an excellent book when you have a teacher to explain everything to you. As a self-teaching Japanese text it is pretty horrible. I would not recommend it for self study. However, for classrooms it is fantastic! This is the text they use to teach Japanese in Japan.

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I had a book called “remembering the kanji” or something like that. It helped me lot to remember that 本 means book for example. But it doesn’t teach you that 本 actually means “hon”. It’s only about recognizing…I don’t know if that helps :/

Every small bit helps! :D Plus, it was more than I was able to provide…OTL

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Hey I'm learning kanji now (I am using anki a flash card programm) but I wondered are there any books you can recommend? I don't have the chance to go to Japanese classes (there are no in my area), so I have to study it myself.

You mean books for studying Japanese? Hmm, I really don’t know of any super amazing books myself, I mostly just used the ones that I got from my classes. I was going to give you the name of the book, but I seemed to have misplaced them (aka my apartment has currently eaten them up). :( They weren’t that great anyway. Right now I am more trying to learn more kanji through reading Japanese texts (like manga and what not), so I haven’t used my kanji textbooks in a while. Ugh, I wish I could be more help here. : /

This is all 100% true.

Though, I think romaji gets mentioned a bit too much. As a beginner in Japanese, you want to speed right past romaji. Romaji just hinders and slows down the learning process of actual Japanese.



Do not wear contact lenses if you are in a situation where you may be tear-gassed.  When I went through basic training, we were warned that there was a possibility the tear gas they were using could melt contact lenses.