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I realized this needed to be updated. So, I am a 24 year old cis-white-female and I currently work in Japan. I am teaching English to Japanese youth and am currently located in Toyama. I like a variety of things, and every once in a while fanfics and translations will pop up! I try to tag for spoilers as well as I can, but do be weary of them.

Some more Cherry Blossom photos! :)

Part One.

It’s a bit late, but here are the pictures I took of the cherry blossoms last Sunday. ちょっと遅いけど、先週の日曜日に桜の撮った写真です。^^

This is the retro tram. Ever since I heard about it, I wanted to ride it. Last Sunday, I finally did and it was awesome! It’s super cool looking! これはレトロトラムです。初めて聞いた時からずぅーと、私はこのトラムに乗りたかった。先週の日曜日に、やっと乗った!素晴らしい経験でしたよ!このトラムはめっちゃカッコイイでしょっ!^0^

コイだ!- Here are some koi! :D

Ah, I was incredibly busy this week! I had to prep for my elementary schools two weeks in a row, and that was killer. From now on though, the rotating schedule of elementary school one week and the other elementary school the other week, will kick in. Since the elementary school that I have next week is behind (I still have to do introduction lessons) I won’t have to prepare anything for that week (though, I will be preparing for the week after, I can just take my time preparing instead).

But yeah, putting lesson planning behind for now, I want to talk about my experience with the new JTE at my JHS. She. Is. Wonderful! Discussing lessons and making sure she understands what I want to do in a class is no problem at all. She uses a lot of English in her class. The explanations of grammatical points and such are in Japanese, of course, but for everything else she’ll be like “Take out your homework and please look at the right page.” And I am just like crying tears of happiness inside.

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I got like 7 Asks linking me to the cover for the regular edition of Vol. 22 of PH! XD Thank you, everyone! <3


PH vol 22 special ed. cover Sorry for low quality


PH vol 22 special ed. cover
Sorry for low quality

According to the e-mail I got from Amazon Japan, my G-Fantasy has been shipped and should arrive tomorrow. So, I will start translating it tomorrow after work. 

hi! I just wanted to, what's know your opinion on Noragami? I love your blog btw! uwu

I know many people like it, but when I tried watching the first episode it fell flat for me. It just wasn’t interesting me on any level really. I don’t have any intentions of reading the manga or watching the anime. It is just not for me.

Thank you! <3


:Please check this project out!!

Bettersupes is an art project by eyeburst where they draw superheros based on outfits and ideas put together by little girls.  It’s such a cool project, please go show them some love. Girls Rock!