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I AM CURRENTLY NOT TAKING FANFIC PROMPTS! THANK YOU. Also, please don't send me asks about Alice or Elliot from PH. I honestly don't like either one and would prefer to not discuss their characters all that much. Thank you.

I realized this needed to be updated. So, I am a 24 year old cis-white-female and I currently work in Japan. I am teaching English to Japanese youth and am currently located in Toyama. I like a variety of things, and every once in a while fanfics and translations will pop up! I try to tag for spoilers as well as I can, but do be weary of them.

After publishing Deathly Hallows, Rowling identified Teddy Lupin’s story as one of the primary reasons that she wanted to include an epilogue:

"To hear that Teddy Lupin – Lupin’s son is obviously okay. That he has an ongoing relationship with Harry and that he’s – he must be quite happy and he’s got a very good-looking girlfriend because I think he’s kissing in the epilogue his – Bill and Fleur’s eldest daughter. […] [It’s important] Because he’s been orphaned. And I want – I want to show that he’s okay. 

And I want to show that because the world is a better place, he’s having a happier – and then I started to cry. So obviously Teddy Lupin’s very important to me. I just – yeah. I –
 having killed both his parents,

I really wanted him to be okay.” — J.K. Rowling


art trade / for  nymre

FINALLYY!!!!! HERE IT IS!!!!!! i wasn’t really sure what to draw for you but at the end i did go with seigou!!welp i finally had an excuse to draw them ; V ;  oh and idk what happened but i kinda messed up the size and quality
ALSO!!!!! here have a chibi choluna bonus for the long wait !!!! 


art trade / for  nymre

FINALLYY!!!!! HERE IT IS!!!!!! i wasn’t really sure what to draw for you but at the end i did go with seigou!!welp i finally had an excuse to draw them ; V ;  oh and idk what happened but i kinda messed up the size and quality


ALSO!!!!! here have a chibi choluna bonus for the long wait !!!! 

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Cheshire needs… soft paws!
Summary-page Pandora Harchuu!

Meow rude of you!
I don’t look like this ugly cat at all-meow!
It’s not even a cat-meow!
Oh! Is it continuation of last omake-story? (O)
Cheshire you’ve mixed up the character!(G)

Even if you don’t like it - it can’t be helped, you hadn’t appear for so long. Everyone forgot you!
Well-well, isn’t it Raven? Didn’t you cry like a baby last time you saw Cheshire?
Yeah, like a baby.

Now when I remembered everything I realized the reason of my cat phobia.
So I won’t be afraid when I see a cat.

Just terrible vomit will turn me inside out.
What the hell happend to you in the past?!!!

Well, l didn’t expect to see you!
Oh! I understand! When Break will show himself you’ll hide somewhere yawling!

It’s not true-meow! I’m not afraid o-o-o-of H-h-h-hatter at all-meow!
sfx: shiver
sfx: kshaa!
Wow, he’s gotten angry! (A)
He’s crying!(G)
He looks tasty!
Don’t eat him Alice!
I’ve hit the bull’s-eye! (O)
There was so many things on this page even Break appeared!


oh levi you pretty creep


oh levi you pretty creep

I still can’t believe it has been seven years since Deathly Hallows came out! I can that midnight release at the North Haven Barnes and Noble so clearly. I can remember waiting in that line with dear, close friends, and meeting unexpected classmates that I hadn’t even known liked Harry Potter waiting in the line, too.

I can remember walking into the store, all the decorations that were up, and I can remember handing over my ticket to get that last, final tome. Sadly, I had to leave shortly after I got it, because I had work the next day. Regardless of me having work bright and early the next day, the adrenaline made it so that I didn’t get tired at work, even though I had gotten no sleep the night before because I had been reading. I can still remember how *every single customer* who saw my Deathly Hallows book off to the side (I worked as a cashier and would read in-between customers and after I had done everything to tidy up the front end) asking me, “So, does Harry Potter die?”

There was so much death in DH, so many tears that were shed. And the poignancy of The Forest Again is something that no other book I have read since can ever match. That one short chapter was one of JK Rowling’s best pieces of writing for the series. I can remember reading that chapter, and feeling as if I were there - as if I were Harry.

That is an experience, I think, that many in my generation had. We literally grew up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I first read the books when I was eight, and DH came out when I was seventeen (that was the first, and only, time I was the same age as Harry in the books). A lot of people thought that Harry Potter would die out with time, but the fandom is still alive and buzzing with excitement over a lot of things recently - a play is coming out that is going to focus on Harry’s childhood spent with the Dursleys, amusement parks (The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - going to the recently opened one at Universal Studios Japan next month!), the Fantastic Beasts movie is going to be coming out as well, Pottermore was an interesting experience and while it did not live up to expectations - it does provide some wonderful tid-bits of information, and most recently - the little blurb JK Rowling wrote about Harry’s and the others in the DA in the form of a Rita Skeeter gossip column in the Daily Prophet.

No matter how many series or fandoms I get into, the Harry Potter series and fandom is my main one. When I am super stressed out, I always end up reading Harry Potter fanfiction or doing something Harry Potter related, because to me the Harry Potter series is home.

Retrace XCVI: Ada Vessalius & Vincent Baskerville 

My name, yeah, it’s Ada. As I am right now, I can’t even give you a hug, and seem like a ghost. But in the distant future I receive….so many things from you.—So, you will definitely meet me again, okay.”

hello lily saaaaaaaan !!! thank you for this month`s retrace !!!!!!!!!!!!!! you`re a life saver hhaha >< ummmmm i wanted to ask >< are you going to translate the omake ????? or have you already did @@ ??? soowyyyyyyyyy

I never translate the summary omake pages. Usually someone else does.

I thought Oswald!Glen's foundations were the Red King, given his position within the hierarchy and the image of him sitting under the tree.

Oh, that’s interesting. I could see that, especially since Alice and Alyss are the Red Queen and White Queen.

"Yokudekimashita" means something like "well done"? I ask you because I am not sure

Yep, よくできました (yoku dekimashita) means exactly that. :)

You wrote something about a Commemorative Fanbook Poll but the problem is...we have to do it in japanese, right?

In the rules and regulations they said that the written response questions are not mandatory. You can just do the poll questions and that is perfectly fine. If you want to do the written response questions, you can try doing it in English (keep the English simple and short). If not, as I stated in the masterpost, I will be willing to translate your answers into Japanese, just so long as they are kept short and simple as well.